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How to choose a marketing agency?

Not all marketing agencies are created equal. When seeking out advice, it is vitally important to choose the right agency to  get the best service and value for money. We've put together a list of considerations that will help you choose the right marketing consultancy for your business. Asking these questions will help you to make an informed choice and unlock the growth potential of your business:

1. Does the "Digital" marketing agency have a mobile website? If the answer is no, then immediately my advice would be to consider other agencies. In 2015 it is vitally important for any business with an online presence to have a mobile/tablet optimised website. On average 45% of traffic to our clients websites derives from mobile devices and tablets.  As a standard feature of Eureka's Website Design, we include a  mobile website that allows content to be viewed optimally on any device.

2. The size of your budget and your organisation is another important factor to consider when choosing an agency. Traditional marketing agencies have large teams and resources at their disposal but this comes at a cost to the client. There is also a time cost associated as account managers often require constant input and approval from the client for the duration of the project. Eureka can help establish your presence online cost effectively and with minimal time investment. Small businesses usually benefit the most from Eureka Marketing's service. We charge customers by the hour rather than by job, so you can rest assured you will receive the best value for money relative to competitor services.

3. Have you reviewed the agency's client list? Past work is a great indication as to the quality standards of an agency. Make sure you are happy with their project portfolio. Check for errors and evaluate the design motif relative to your specific requirements. Determine whether their websites are Flash based or HTML5 etc. In the interest of best practice all websites produced by Eureka are HTML5 and fully viewable on any modern device unlike traditional flash websites. 

4. Are the agency staff qualified to help? Beware of agencies that make vague promises on their website without communicating their skill set and qualifications. In terms of expertise, there is no substitute for a trained marketing and PR professional if you want to see real quantifiable results for your business. 

5. What are your objectives in relation to social media? Is it even relevant to your business? If you are paying an agency to establish or manage your presence on social media, make sure they have a proven track record. Check the agency website to assess their accomplishments for other clients. Review their social media activity. If they claim to be social media experts then as a very minimum they should have at least one form of social media integrated into their website. You should review Facebook and Twitter as these are the platforms most frequently used by marketing agencies. Infrequent updates and low follower numbers are good indicators you should consider another company if growth on social media is important to you. 

Remember these points when choosing a marketing agency. The growth of your business depends on it.

- Mark Sheils

Marketing & PR Consultant,

Eureka Marketing

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